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Lindsey Papp - Goodhaven Massage
Sep 27, 5:00 PM UTC
Lindsey Papp Weekly Campfire Event

A massage does not have to hurt to be effective. 

⁠It’s a simple belief that Lindsey Papp couldn’t shake. After years of working as a Licensed Massage Therapist in environments where heavy-handed massages were the norm she literally decided to take matters into her own hands. 

⁠“I always felt like ‘do no harm’ resonated with me and I do not like the phrase, "no pain no gain" when it comes to massage,” Lindsey shares. “It took some serious reflection to realize that my gentle style has its place in the massage world.”

⁠She opened Goodhaven Massage in 2020 because she wanted to deliver more considerate therapeutic techniques. Despite a few pandemic setbacks, her business continues to flourish. Clients rave about Lindsey’s unique attentiveness, knowledge, and passion for healing and gentle touch.

⁠“Goodhaven is all about massages that relax our clients,” she says. “I want my clients to melt into the table and float out of here.” 

⁠On top of prioritizing the comfort of her clients, Lindsey has also learned how to maintain a healthy balance as a business owner. She now understands the importance of serving and honoring herself while serving and honoring others and setting boundaries— something she didn’t do right away.

⁠“I matter, my business matters, and my time matters,” Lindsey stresses.

⁠Holding her own personal health in the highest regard has not only made her a better business owner, it also aligns more closely with Goodhaven’s whole-body approach to wellness.

⁠Goodhaven’s mission is to provide a soothing and thoughtful environment from the moment clients walk in the door. Lindsey is trained in prenatal and postpartum massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, and is certified in Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. She’s also studying to be trauma informed which specifically trains a therapist in promoting a feeling of safety, healing, and consent. 

⁠Lindsey says, “I take pride in providing a safe, positive, and relaxing space for my clients to unwind, go inward, and reconnect with their bodies.”

⁠Join us for a Campfire to learn about Lindsey’s entrepreneurial journey. She discusses more of what she’s learned as a busy business owner delivering wellness to clients while staying mindful of entrepreneurial burnout, where she sees Goodhaven Massage going next, and more.

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