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Manny Ruiz - Brilla Media Ventures & Nuestro Stories
Sep 13, 5:00 PM UTC
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Manny Ruiz is not just an entrepreneur. He’s a media pioneer. A champion of the Hispanic community. A Pulitzer-prize winner, creative storyteller, and community servant. An events trailblazer and generous mentor. 

⁠He has led a truly accomplished professional path yet remains humble, thoughtful, and honest about his journey.

⁠“I always tell entrepreneurs I meet to take their big idea and try to kill it. Smash it with a hammer,” Manny shares. “If they still want to pursue it after that, then that’s how you know you can and will survive in the business.”

⁠Currently, Manny is the co-founder of Brilla Media Ventures, the first Latino content marketing and media company with a purpose-driven approach focused on social good. He also serves as the company’s CRO, COO, and Publisher of Brilla’s growing digital platform Nuestro Stories

⁠With Nuestro Stories Manny and his team aim to share origin stories that represent and feature the full spectrum of Latinos, from conservatives and liberals to Afro Latinos and LGBTQ communities. Its stories are crafted and shared in creative and compelling ways that uplift, inspire, and inform. 

⁠Recent features shine the spotlight on Alfred “Butch” Lee, the first Puerto Rican NBA Player and Alfonsina Storni, the Argentine poet and playwright inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. 

⁠Highlighting these individuals not only brings the past back to life, it also shares how the Hispanic community has shaped today’s social culture. 

⁠It’s an appropriate and important evolution for a storyteller like Manny. Learn more about his entrepreneurial journey at the Campfire and how after 28 years in, he’s more energized than ever.

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