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Panel Discussion - Pitching 101
Sep 14, 11:00 PM UTC
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There are a lot of questions around small business pitch and grant competitions— What should you do? What should you never do? What makes a great pitch? What makes a bad pitch? Is using a script a good idea? 

⁠We pulled a panel of small business entrepreneurs who have participated in a variety of funding competitions to discuss these common questions and so much more. 

⁠Join this virtual event to get answers to everything you’ve been wondering about. Submit your questions in #📌general in the Excelerate America Collective Discord server now. You can also bring your list and drop them during the event. Don’t miss your chance to connect to crucial insights and information around high-stakes business funding opportunities. 

- Panel Discussion - Pitching 101 -
What: A virtual Excelerate America Collective event
⁠⁠When: Wednesday, September 14 from 7:00 pm EST - 8:00 pm EST
⁠Where: In the ☕ Café in the Excelerate America Discord Server

Panel guests include: 
⁠- Regina Trillo, founder of Nemi Snacks
⁠- Steve Janssens, Program Director of The Desai Accelerator and Chief Operations Officer at LastBasic

⁠Questions about this event?
Email Esther Wickersham at esther@excelerateamerica.com

Event Takeaways
How to Get Started on Your Pitch
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Tips on Sounding Natural When Pitching
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Tips on Improving Your Pitch
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