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Sabrina Thompson - Girl in Space Club
Oct 4, 5:00 PM UTC
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Entrepreneur, Rocket Scientist, and Atmospheric Physicist Sabrina Thompson is merging science and style to inspire a new generation of trailblazers with her business, Girl in Space Club

⁠While she enjoys designing orbits for NASA missions and developing innovative techniques to further understand climate change, she’s also always been equally passionate about art and fashion— even being known in high school as the girl “who owned every pair of Jordans you could imagine.”

⁠Sabrina knew that something needed to be done to bridge the seemingly large gaps between her passions and to further show young girls that science can be fun and fashionable. In 2018 she created LAUNCHPAD, which became Girl in Space Club in 2021.

⁠She’s found that navigating entrepreneurship is equally as hard as working for NASA, yet she  notes that she’s well-equipped to overcome startup obstacles.

⁠“Having a background as an engineer and scientist has been beyond valuable when it comes to solving challenges as a business owner,” Sabrina shares. “Every day there is something new. I was bootstrapped until last year when I was starting to see so many opportunities to gain funding and investments. And that’s really important because we’re still just beginning and I want to grow.” 

⁠Girl in Space Club began as a book series and has branched out into a fashion line, artwork, and science and art programs. The fashion line specifically is known for its unique style that blends “street flavor with a little bit of nerdiness and inspiration.” Its top selling merchandise features the company’s iconic logo: an astronaut with dreadlocks protruding out of her helmet. It’s a powerful symbol that represents a more female-focused and more inclusive future for space exploration. 

⁠“I want to make space for women and girls in space. We’ve added art and fashion to our STEM components to really inspire the next generation of innovators,” Sabrina says. 

⁠Sabrina has more exciting plans in place to further this goal, too. On October 18 she’ll launch a Kickstarter campaign to garner support to create the first space travel suit designed for women by women. 

⁠She notes, “Space suits have never been made with women in mind, it’s time to change that and #makespaceforwomen!” 

⁠Join us at the Campfire to learn more about Sabrina’s mission to make space more welcoming and more fun for everyone. She’ll be discussing her experiences merging science, fashion and small business as well as raising funding and pitching with Kickstarter.

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