Ana Jaquim - Preludio Entertainment
Jun 7, 5:00 PM UTC
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Ana Jaquim launched Preludio Entertainment, a booking agency providing musicians for weddings and special events, in early 2020. Within months she and the rest of the world were facing a total shut down. 

“Our customers are usually brides and event managers that are looking to put on an event or a special celebration,” Ana notes. 

Instead of becoming discouraged, Ana and her musicians went to work creating and sharing content including DIY videos, song covers, and virtual concerts from home. When the special event world opened back up, Preludio Entertainment had a trove of sample videos and sets for clientele to choose from. 

Now Ana is fielding constant bookings and shares, “This summer we have three weddings in one day. This is our first time being triple booked and it’s a challenge!”

But it’s a challenge Ana is happy to have as a business owner. She’s currently growing her roster of musicians, many of whom are her good friends.  

“We went to school together,” Ana says. “I studied music business and was in the orchestra at Wayne State. They studied music performance. I saw that they needed to be practicing and performing all the time, and they didn’t have the time to put out their best branded self and be business-minded. So I get to do that for them.” 

Learn more about how Ana’s handling the post-pandemic surge for her business, and how she was inspired to change lives through music at the Weekly Campfire. 

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