Craig Sylvester - Michigan Kettlebells
Jun 14, 5:00 PM UTC
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Small business entrepreneur, Craig Sylvester, isn’t afraid to run into a fire or respond to an accident. 

Working 14 years as a firefighter medic taught him about leadership, being prepared, and staying calm under high-stress situations. Perfect lessons for pivoting his career and taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

In 2011, Craig opened his gym, Michigan Kettlebells Strength and Training Center, and has been building up his membership and community ever since.

“I decided to become a gym owner because I could help more people with their health than I could as a Firefighter. It was frustrating because 75% of my runs were for people who were unhealthy due to lack of exercise, food choices and dehydration. I felt like I wasn’t helping with the bigger problem,” he shares.

Now Craig’s on a mission to help people incorporate fitness into their lifestyles and ultimately live better, healthier lives. He’s following his passion while learning to tackle unforeseen challenges too.

“The pandemic has been all about adapting for the gym,” Craig explains. 

He’s had to evolve every aspect of his business, from member communications to logistical operations. It’s been a challenge, but Craig continues to stay calm, be prepared, and keep pivoting. 

Want to learn more about Craig’s pandemic pivots and how he keeps his business running? He shares his amazing entrepreneur journey in the Weekly Campfire. 

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