Crystal Fairley - Uncle Keith’s Gourmet Foods
Aug 2, 5:00 PM UTC

When people like the taste of your home grown chili pepper plants, and the local hot sauce seller is retiring and wants you to buy them out, you take the leap and go for it. 

⁠That’s how Crystal Fairley and her husband Keith ended up owning and running Uncle Keith’s Gourmet Foods, a hot sauce business that showcases the best products and brands in southern California. 

⁠Launched in 2015, Uncle Keith’s already has three locations in San Diego and also sells through Amazon online. Featuring their signature recipe Uncle Keith’s Chocolate Thunder, their stores also highlight specialty food products from other local small businesses. 

⁠“This helps growing businesses get representation in a larger market and eliminates overhead costs,” Crystal explains. From day one, she and Keith have been on a mission to live by the motto: “No one is in business for himself or herself.” 

⁠Crystal and Keith mentor other entrepreneurs and use their platform to elevate small businesses just starting out. They also donate proceeds from Uncle Keith’s to support local nonprofits that serve the community.

⁠“Why not make a path so it’s easier to walk? I just went down this road [as an entrepreneur], so why don’t I make a path for the next person?” Crystal explains about her mindset towards helping other businesses grow. 

⁠Both Crystal and Keith served in the military and believe the tools and training from that experience have greatly contributed to their small business success. Crystal runs their Instagram and Facebook communications, and often features shout-outs to veterans in her posts. It’s another way she’s building community through her hot sauce business.  

⁠Learn more about how Crystal is expanding Uncle Keith’s while also paving the way for other aspiring entrepreneurs in her industry at the Weekly Campfire. 

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