Jason Mercado - Sweet Mission
Aug 9, 5:00 PM UTC

Life can change fast, but it takes a lot of heart, hustle, and in Jason Mercado’s case: Cookies. 

⁠In 2012 Jason found himself laid off and without a place to live. It was a difficult time, but Jason shares, “I thought as long as I can believe in myself, regardless of my obstacles, I can move forward.” 

⁠He became part of the Occupy Philadelphia movement and started connecting with community organizers, exploring resources, and pondering an idea he had for a cookie business. It wasn’t easy to get people to see that despite his circumstances, he had a big plan. He pushed forward and ultimately received a scholarship for a 12-week business course which provided him with seed money as well as housing and a place to bake. It was there that Sweet Mission, under the name of Just Cookies, was born. 

Sweet Mission has seen much success since its early days. They’ve provided cookies for the BET Awards, the Oscars, and been featured in Forbes Magazine, and on Steve Harvey’s talk show. Sweet Mission also provides catering for real estate, corporate, and private events. 

⁠Known for his signature Hawaiian Cooler, a three-time award-winning lemon, coconut, white chocolate and Macadamia nut cookie, Jason is proud and humbled to be able to do what he loves while making a difference in the lives of others— He’s currently developing a program within Sweet Mission that will train and employ individuals from vulnerable backgrounds and those who are experiencing homelessness, like Jason once did. 

⁠“This business isn’t about me or the cookies, it’s about helping people,” Jason explains. “Everything that has come out of this is about the people I can serve.” 

⁠Hear more of Jason’s incredible entrepreneurial journey and what’s next for his mission-driven Sweet Mission at the Weekly Campfire.