Jessi Severance - Emma’s Coffee House
Jan 27, 9:00 PM UTC

Jessi and her husband, Brad, own and operate Emma’s Coffee House in Bad Axe, MI. 

They’ve been serving their community since 2017, and provide fresh coffee, espresso, treats and unique merchandise and gifts. 

Jessi and Brad have a great grip on their business, with an excellent following and engagement on social media. Yet they see an opportunity with email marketing, a route they haven’t adequately tapped into with their customers.

Jessi tried to do some email marketing a bit before, but she wasn’t consistent, finding it difficult to keep up with its demands on top of her many other responsibilities as a business owner and mom. 

“I would find that six weeks had gone by and I hadn’t sent anything,” Jessi explains. “I need a better plan and would like to get a better idea of how other people who do utilize email marketing do it.”

Come to Jessi’s Brainstorm and help answer her biggest email marketing questions: 

  • How do you make email marketing work for your business?

  • How do you generate good content your customers will want to read? 

  • How do you create a planning system that’s sustainable? 

Bring your email marketing tips, ideas, suggestions, and examples to the Brainstorm.