Kerry Doman - LittleGuide Detroit
Jun 21, 5:00 PM UTC

Serial entrepreneur Kerry Doman’s best advice for fellow entrepreneurs? 

“Build a community around you so that you can lean on them. Especially when you’re a startup and it’s just you or you and one other person, you have to have a next level of community around you— because someone’s dealt with it or can be a sounding board.”

It's advice she’s used herself to launch and grow multiple successful businesses, including LittleGuide Detroit, the largest media resource for families throughout metro Detroit.  

Kerry created LittleGuide Detroit in 2018, after having two kids and realizing that there was a shortage of resources for parents in the metro Detroit area. She searched to find a concise list of classes or events, or at least a list of ideas, and found nothing. 

Now a robust resource of experiences and suggestions, LittleGuide helps families navigate life with children and helps parents and caregivers make the most of every day. 

Kerry admits that managing a growing media empire and a growing family of three children isn’t easy. “I love work… There are days when it’s harder than others, but I’ve never had trouble being motivated to work,” she says. 

So how does she do it? Kerry has worked hard to build a great team to lean on and better balance the demands of LittleGuide and her little ones at home. “I’m good at recognizing my weaknesses and finding those who have those as strengths, and vice versa.” 

Listen in as Kerry gives details on her entrepreneurial journey, how to hire the right people, and so much more in her Weekly Campfire.

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