Power Hour - May 25
May 25, 4:00 PM UTC
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Experience the power of Power Hour!

These weekly video gatherings are all about giving and getting help. Come to Power Hour for in-depth conversations about the latest resource drops. You can find these worksheets and documents any time in the 🧰resources channel in Discord. The goal is to receive feedback and discuss information so everyone walks away ready to implement new tactics and improve their business.

Attend Power Hour to:

  • Collaborate with fellow Collective members
  • Ask questions for feedback and share solutions
  • Review the latest Collective resources and worksheets

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Event Takeaways
Resources Reviewed
  • Sales Script - Grab this worksheet to learn how to make a simple and sincere sales script.

Member Discussions
  • Bo received tips on how to implement steps to achieve her future franchise plans for Baby Gear Group.
  • Nyah got insight and inspiration with how to better deal with naysayers when it comes to her business, The Luxe List Atlanta.