Robert Courtney - Robert Courtney and Associates
Nov 30, 6:00 PM UTC
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Robert Courtney is the founder and facilitator of Robert Courtney and Associates, a marketing and branding agency with a client roster that includes the Detroit Pistons and Murray’s Original Hair Pomade.

⁠He’s an expert in creating disruptive business strategies, and a builder of community through digital marketing, branding, and social media services. A desire to invest in the development of people and their personal brand has been a vision of his for over a decade.

⁠Now, Robert’s sharing the lessons he’s learned and the processes he’s honed to successfully launch and scale multiple businesses.

⁠“I have an acronym that leads the thought process for how I prioritize and make a project successful,” Robert shares.

⁠That acronym is ATACC, and it stands for audience, trust, attention, content, and consistency. Robert maintains that if your business can check each of these boxes there’s less risk and a greater chance for long-term survival.

⁠“It’s based off of me evaluating the things that have created success for [my businesses],” Robert says. He’s found that each point resonates and has directly played a part in growing every brand he’s worked with as well.

⁠So how exactly does Robert’s ATACC method work? What’s his biggest tip for becoming successful on social media and beyond? Listen in on his campfire to find out. 

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