Shadia Amen - Shadia Amen Photography
May 3, 5:00 PM UTC
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Shadia Amen likes to say that the hardest thing she ever did was also the best thing she ever did. 

⁠A reluctant entrepreneur, Shadia spent 20 years as a special needs Nurse’s Aid in a local Dearborn, MI school before launching Shadia Amen Photography

⁠“I was forced to get my LLC actually,” Shadia explained. “My very first conference was “Rock that Photography.” in 2018. I was not going to go! I was going alone and didn’t want to go alone. On the day of the conference, I went to work and my coworkers got mad at me for not going to the event. They literally made me leave work, including the principal!”

⁠Later at the conference, Shadia was called up on stage to participate in a session. 

⁠“I thought ‘Oh no!’ shaking my head because I know I’ll now have to speak in front of hundreds of people. But the worst moment of my life turned out to be my best! I tried to leave afterward and got stopped by 50 people asking me about me and my photography.”

⁠Months later she was officially in business. 

⁠Now, she manages Shadia Amen Photography full-time, is the official TEDx Detroit photographer, and is also a staff member at Robert Courtney and Associates.

⁠A busy single mom of two, Shadia will sometimes stay up until 3:00 am editing projects before waking up at 5:30 am to get her family’s day started again. 

⁠“Those nights hurt so bad! When shoots go well I don’t have to stay up so late to edit. But when I do and have to be back up again so early it’s painful,” Shadia shared.

⁠It’s a tough schedule, but one Shadia wouldn’t trade for the world. Learn more about her entrepreneurial journey and how she makes her busy life work at her Weekly Campfire. 

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