Sharia Smith - Credit Clubhouse
Nov 16, 6:00 PM UTC
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Two words define one monumental concept that can change the course of any small business entrepreneur’s life: Financial literacy.

⁠Sharia Smith, the founder of Credit Clubhouse, knows the truth of this firsthand. She grew up in an underserved community and saw parents, including her own, struggle to give their kids opportunities. 

⁠And even those who were considered educationally savvy still didn’t have monetary know-how. 

⁠“I had a family member who went through bankruptcy that had a master’s degree,” Sharia shares. She’s seen and experienced the risks of not structuring a business properly to ensure that it can withstand an emergency firsthand. 

⁠“I also put all of my eggs in one basket,” she explains about her past mistakes. “[I’ve learned] that you need to structure your business… and build your business credit to access funding.” 

⁠Now Sharia’s mission through Credit Clubhouse is to empower and educate families to overcome financial obstacles and utilize new tools to become wealth builders by leveraging good credit. 

⁠“I’m a helper at heart,” Sharia says. “I love helping people get the funds to make their dreams come true, whether it’s a house or a business.” 

⁠So how does an entrepreneur go about building business credit? And is it different for service or product-based companies? Sharia shares these essential answers and gives her best overall financial advice for fellow small business entrepreneurs at her Weekly Campfire. Listen in! 

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