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How did the Collective purchase in 2022?

2022 Spend Report with ODP Business Solutions

It’s a new year and a great time to look back on 2022 and reflect how we spent, saved and purchased as a Collective at ODP Business Solutions. From saving big on office supplies to scoring truckloads of free shipping, Collective members yielded some mighty purchasing power this year. 💪

Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Collective trends in 2022

As more businesses joined our purchasing program through ODP Business Solutions, total spend as a group grew too. We’ll use those numbers to negotiate extra savings and deals in the coming year. 👏 

Collective members placed an impressive number of orders in 2022. Most preferred to order online versus shopping in-store, which ultimately saved you more money. Smart move.  

Top three categories

What were the most popular categories this year for the Collective? Drumroll 🥁, please.....

It's no surprise that Cleaning & Breakroom won the year! We’re guessing that’s due to many of you returning to the office. Everyone loves a tidy workspace stocked with snacks and drinks to keep the team humming. As for #2 and #3, Ink & Toner and Paper make sense because we negotiate the best prices on the items you buy the most.

🎉 Fun Fact: Spending on Cleaning & Breakroom products was up 32% from 2021. 

Most popular service

👀 Not-so-shocking news: 10% of the Collective’s total spend was on Print Services. More than half of the Collective’s orders included Copy & Print items. That’s a lot of copies! Here are the top 5 print items ordered by the Collective in 2022:

⁠Want to print like a pro this year? Placing an online order is easy with our Copy & Print guide. You'll learn insider tips, like how to get the best price and pick up orders in-store.

Spend smarter with strategic purchasing

Looking for ways to fine-tune purchasing so you can cut costs and run a smarter business? Here are three strategies to consider in 2023:

Green Spend
You can track your Green Spend by using your online dashboard’s spend analysis report. Find out if your purchasing is eco-friendly and how to spend more sustainably. Let’s up our total Green Spend in 2023! 🌱🌎💚

Core List
Shopping our Core List gets you the best negotiated pricing on the items you need. While 44% is a great start, the Collective would save more by choosing items off the Core List more frequently. Here’s a quick video on how to sort by best value and do just that.

Free Shipping
The average order in 2022 was $150, well above the $20 minimum for free shipping. 🙌 That means the Collective saved over $2.2M in shipping costs! 🎉🎉 So let’s keep bundling those orders and saving money.

Here’s to more savings in 2023!

Thanks for being a part of our Collective and ODP Business Solutions purchasing program. Every member makes us stronger and better because we purchase together. 

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