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Copy and Print with ODP Business Solutions Guide

Did you know Copy & Print is the #1 used service in our purchasing program? In 2022, 10% of the Collective's $66 million in spend came from Print Services. Why is it so popular? Because the pricing we negotiate is deeply discounted and orders can be picked up the same day. Plus the larger the order, the more our members save. Placing online orders is easy and efficient once you learn a few of our Copy & Print tricks.

Print orders can go beyond copies

To get started with a print order, go to Print Services on the logged in ODP Business Solutions site. There you’ll find all the categories available for printing. It’s quite a list! Everything from copies and promotional products to marketing materials and custom checks. Here are the top 5 categories Collective members ordered the most in 2022: 

Print Services 101

Create your print projects in advance or use a template
Once you click Get Started, you’ll be prompted to upload a file for your print order. Select My Device, Dropbox, or One Drive to upload a project you’ve already designed. Some categories, like Business Cards, offer the options to create your design online or choose from an array of pre-made templates. 

⁠How to ensure you get the best pricing
If you’d like to order black and white copies at the negotiated price, go to Print Options to change the default settings. Located on the far left, Print Options lets you select your print color and paper size. We recommend choosing Black & White and 20 lb Standard White paper if you’d like copies at the lowest price.

⁠Take advantage of Finishing and Advanced Options
For larger complicated print orders, you can outsource the extra work. Need stapling, folding, or hole punching? Use Finishing Options to give specific directions for your order. Advanced Options lets you remove pages, add index tabs, customize individual pages, trim edges and more.

✍️ Collective Tip: The higher the quantity of copies you order, the more you can save. So consider planning ahead and ordering frequent copies in larger quantities.

Pickup in store 

This is our favorite insider tip! Once you’ve customized your Copy & Print order, select Pickup in store at checkout. You’ll get your order faster (1-3 business days vs. 3-5 business days for delivery). You’ll also be able to choose a store location and who will pick up the order. Make sure a preferred email is set up in your account to get your order confirmation.

⁠✍️ Collective Tip: Copy & Print orders must be placed by 2pm to pick up on the same day.

Need more help with Print Services?

Copy & Print is the most popular feature of our purchasing program, so we want to make sure placing orders online is easy for your business. If you have questions or need a run-through, set up a 15 minute call with our Member Service team to learn more. 

You can also watch a quick how-to video on placing online Copy & Print orders.

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