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Purchase strategically with private brands


Let's dive into our number one purchasing strategy: buying private brands over name brand products. Private brands, also known as private labels and store brands, are popping up everywhere (think Trader Joe's or Costco's Kirkland Signature). They tend to be cheaper because they eliminate marketing expenses for the retailer, yet these products often deliver on high-quality. A recent study shows that consumers trust private brands now more than ever.

Why buy private over name brand?

Private brands are frequently manufactured alongside name brand products, so essentially they tend to differ only in labeling. Collective members are already using this knowledge when purchasing through our ODP Business Solutions program.

Reasons Collective members buy private:

  • Better value

  • Guaranteed quality

  • More availability in-stock

  • Best buys in our program

  • Better for environment 

How to buy private brands at ODP Business Solutions

Know which brands to shop

The most obvious private brand available through our program, Office Depot brand, covers almost every category and gets you lower price points at a great value.

But most buyers don’t know there are more private brands with excellent pricing and 5 star ratings on the site. You can shop brands like Highmark, WorkPro, TUL, and Realspace and get exclusive discounts. Here's a video from ODP Business Solutions that showcases their entire Private Collection of Brands.

⁠Make strategic swaps

When you’re swapping a product from name to private, think about how often you purchase it and if the cumulative savings will pay off. A great example is printing paper. Buying private brand in bulk will certainly cut costs. 

Another swap to consider? Ink & Toner, because not only will you save money, you’ll save the environment. Fun fact: Office Depot cartridges have half the carbon footprint of name brands! Learn more here.

✍️ Collective Tip: When searching a category, scroll down left to Featured Items and filter for Only at Office Depot. Voila! You’ll now see all your private brand options.

Private means the best negotiated pricing

We advocate for our Collective by working directly with ODP Business Solutions to create exclusive offers on their private brand products. If it’s a high demand item, we negotiate a lower price for our members. Here are a few deeply discounted examples*:

*Pricing listed from 1/16/23 and may vary.

⁠Explore the Collective’s top 5 category swaps:

  1. Ink & Toner

  2. Office Supplies

  3. Cleaning Products

  4. Breakroom Products

  5. Furniture

⁠We recommend checking private brand items before making a purchase through our program, and soon you'll learn which swaps work best for you. As more and more retailers create labels, they're able to offer high quality products for a great value to their customers. That's why we think it's a smart strategy to consider private brands whenever you shop.

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