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Quick-start your purchasing account

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Welcome to Excelerate America’s office supplies buying program. By now you should have received your new ODP Business Solutions account login information. This guide covers everything you need to get started–from login and profile setup to tips on shopping, tracking orders, and getting help along the way.

Where to shop

Go to odpbusiness.com every time you want to shop. Our negotiated pricing will be there waiting for you. Log in with your username and password to get started.

✍️ Collective Tip: Click “Keep me logged in” to save time the next time you shop.

Get set up

Setting up your profile is a game changer! You can add employees to your account and manage all your important information. Click on the circle in the upper right corner of your screen to access My Profile. Use the checklist below to get set before you shop.

⁠✍️ Collective Tip: Go to Manage Users to add ship-to addresses for your team and contacts.  

Purchasing 101

Shop online to get negotiated pricing

Shopping online at odpbusiness.com ensures you always get the best negotiated pricing. That means saving up to 55% off Everyday Supplies and 40% off Print Services. Take a deeper look at our Core Item Shopping List.

Make sure you sort when you search

This is a great way to guarantee you’re getting the best deals. When searching, use the Sort By drop down menu. Select Best Value and your results will display those products first, often the contract items we’ve negotiated for you. 🙌 Watch this video to learn how to sort by Best Value.

Set up Subcriptions to save time

For frequent purchases (think snacks, paper, TP, coffee), you can set up Subscriptions to get automatic deliveries. Just check Subscribe below the item, and then choose the quantity and delivery frequency that works for you. Easy, efficient shopping!

✍️ Collective Tip: When you need your order STAT, buy online and select in-store pickup at checkout. Here’s a video on how to get same-day orders.

Track your purchases

Spend Analysis

You'll love this tool because it gives excellent insights into how you and your team purchase. Your Spend Analysis Dashboard can be found on the homepage and under My Account icon. Get real data on your spend and make informed decisions about purchasing.

⁠View Orders

Once you’ve made your first purchase, click on the Orders icon on the homepage. This lets you see your purchasing history and view order details, like who placed the order and the expected delivery date.

⁠✍️ Collective Tip: Filter your orders by status. This is a great way to track whether an order has shipped or been delivered, so you’re always in-the-know.

Concierge service

Our Member Service team is here to help you navigate the ODP Business Solutions site. Send us an email, message our chat, or set up a time to talk. We’re real people who care about your business and love finding answers to your questions.

We also advise on purchasing strategies for your business:

⁠✍️ Collective Tip: You can find more FAQ answers at our Help Center.

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