July 31, 2020
7 Great Tools To Improve Your Social Media Content

Social media is becoming increasingly important in today’s business rule. If you are struggling to create clean, professional-looking content, here are some great low-cost tools to improve your social media content.

A Good Smartphone
These days, the cameras in our phones are powerful enough to get all of the photos and videos you need. You can get great high-quality photos, video, and audio, whereas in the past you’d have to invest in much larger tools to do the same thing. They are also handy and most likely already in your pocket.

If you don’t already have a smart phone with a great camera and mic, it’s definitely a great start for pumping up your social media content. There are also apps available on every phone to edit photos and videos, making it easier than ever!

Phone Stabilizer
Shaky videos are definitely not pleasant to watch. If you create a lot of videos for social media, it may be worth investing in a gimbal that works for phones (like this one). These handheld devices are easy to pop your phone into, and create a much smoother and stable video. There are also a lot of phone tripods on the market (like this one), that are quick and easy ways to stabilize your phone or camera.

A person taking a video on their smartphone.

A Ring Light
Ring Lights are pretty light-weight and flexible. They also range in size and quality. If you are looking to do a quick shoot, bring this and pump up the light in any space. It is also a great way to get rid of any unflattering shadows on the subjects face in a shot. 

A Little Mic
Surprisingly (at least to me), people are much more likely to stop watching a video because of poor sound quality than video quality. If there is a lot of wind or a muffled voice, people will just shut it off. There are a lot of mics out there, ranging in quality and uses. Here is inexpensive, easy to use, and can clip onto anyone’s clothes. You can also get a whole rig included with a mic, like this one!

Canva.com is a great resource for the non-designers in the world or someone who just needs some design work done quickly. It is packed full of great templates for all your social media needs, that you can modify with your branding and messaging. There is also a large library of imagery (both paid and free), to enhance your designs. If you need a quick design to promote a sale, or an info-graphic to illustrate progress, Canva is a great tool!


Hootsuite.com allows you to post to all of your social media accounts simultaneously, schedule posts, and see analytics in one place. Instead of having to jump onto every social media and post daily, you can schedule your posts for the whole month! You can also work on as a team, all scheduling posts, so you aren’t all posting at the same time.

Hootsuite also has some basic editing tools to make it easy to resize images according to each social media. Utilizing Hootsuite’s scheduling tool can allow you to plan out your posts, so you don’t have to think about post them every day, and can spend that time promoting your business in other ways.

Typito.com is another quick and easy online resource. Typito allows you to edit videos, add text and logos, and some simple animations. Typito also has a large library of imagery and templates to help you get things done quickly. It also makes uploading your video to the internet very easy.

There are many other easy tools for quick video editing out there, both online and off. Adding quick text elements and nice cuts to video can make your content look more professional and hopefully keep your viewers watching longer.


Justine Smith is a Graphic Designer for Excelerate America, the fun, smart service for businesses looking to level up. Do you have any tips for improving social media content?Share them with Justine by emailing her at justine.smith@excelerateamerica.com

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