July 27, 2020
Add These Digital Marketing Tools To Your Small Biz Tool Belt

Emily LaDrig

By Emily LaDrig

With everyone and everything going ever-more digital these days, I promise to keep talking to you about it. It is just so important for your business to embrace everything there is about digital marketing.

There are many facets to executing an effective digital marketing strategy, and it really helps to have some tips and tricks up your sleeve. Luckily, there is a whole host of tools to help small businesses refine and execute on their digital marketing strategies.

Today I’m giving you some tools that the experts approve and even a few that we love and use here at Excelerate America.

Keyword Planner

Every Search Engine Optimization campaign needs the right keywords to be effective and to rank well on the search engines. Make sure your SEO campaign is armed with the best keywords with Google’s Keyword Planner.

You can use Keyword Planner to search for keywords and see how a list of keywords might perform. Keyword Planner can also help you choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns.


Headlines: They are of equal importance in digital marketing campaigns as content.

According to the digital marketing experts, 80% of online users read headlines, but only 20% actually go on to read the full article.

Creating compelling and engaging headlines is therefore a vital component of any small business’s digital marketing campaign. This is when the Sharethrough headline tool can be a godsend. Sharethrough analyzes your headlines, giving it a score based on a multivariate linguistic algorithm (try saying that five times fast!) to ensure you have the best headlines to help attract maximum readers.


Landing pages are super effective assets in online marketing campaigns.

In a few seconds, a landing page takes a completely unfamiliar reader to a decision point about whether to stay on your site or leave.

With the WordStream landing page grader you can improve the effectiveness of your landing pages with personalized and detailed reports.

Panorama of contemporary study area with simple wooden desk


Video has become one of the hottest digital marketing trends of the modern era with the likes of YouTube being watched by billions of users. Given the prolific rise and popularity of online videos, it is sooooo important that your video content is optimized.

I recommend using a tool called TudeBuddy to optimize video content. TubeBuddy is a free browser extension which integrates directly into YouTube to help your small business run its YouTube channel with greater ease and efficiency.


If your small business doesn’t yet have a website, c’mon! You can not wait anymore. You’re seriously missing out. If you’re unsure about how to create a website, use one of the many website builders available.

There are lots. But DudaOne is an innovative website builder, which concentrates on building mobile responsive websites with intelligent social media integration and built-in analytics. So that takes care of all of that in one.


A strong online presence isn’t much good for your brand if you are not able to measure your impact, engagement and influence.

This is when Mention can be a powerful tool, helping you to track and measure who is talking about you and your businesses or the topics related to your industry. This effective resource pulls data from hundreds of social media sites, plus places such as on Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Amazon, to provide your small business with the most accurate, real-time information.

Want to kick start your brand's social media following?
Download our Social Media Strategy Worksheet today.


Last is one of our personal favorite tools here at Excelerate America: Canva.

Canva allows the everyday marketer to become a graphic designer. For all you professional graphic designers out there don’t panic, we know we can’t replace your skills and expertise... But Canva comes pretty close!

It's a ridiculously easy to use drag-and-drop design tool for people like me who don't have the need or knowledge to use more advanced graphic design software.


Emily LaDrig is the Chief Execution Officer at Excelerate America, the ultimate resource for modern entrepreneurs. What tools do you use to help achieve your digital marketing goals? Share them with Emily at emily.ladrig@excelerateamerica.com.



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