November 13, 2020
The Unique Way Our Company Celebrates The Giving Season

Roy Lamphier

Giving Season 2019 has arrived. Here's why we're more excited than ever about it. 

The team and I created Excelerate America to serve a need for entrepreneurs and to make a difference in local communities. The holiday season is a chance for our team members that are spread out across the country to come together around helping local charities they are actively involved in supporting. It allows us to show support where we live and work and also brings us closer together as a team working collectively to make a difference.

We also use the gift-giving season as an opportunity to support non-profits doing important work in different communities. 

This year for the first time, Excelerate America will be donating all proceeds from the sale of our merchandise to local causes through our Giving Season campaign.

When people purchase a sweatshirt, Game Changer Notebook, etc. they can select one of three local causes at checkout using a special promo code. Then we'll donate the 100% of that sale amount to the local partner selected.

It's another fun and meaningful way we're supporting community growth. Plus, it also helps strengthen the local partners' connections with their constituency in a new, positive way.

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Annual Team Charity Giving

I'm also stoked that we are celebrating our second annual team charity giving campaign, making it one of the best traditions of our young company. In early December, I ask team members to select a local charity that they support and/or work with, and Excelerate America then makes a donation to that charity on the team member's behalf.

I'd like to say this was created as an entirely altruistic pursuit, but the truth is that we get a lot out of it as a team and an organization.

First and foremost, we started our company with a passion for purpose and doing work that mattered. When you are just starting out and building your product, it can take time to show purpose in action. So one of the most immediate things you can do to demonstrate your commitment to mission is to take action in the form of giving of your time, money, or anything else you have to offer. This has helped strengthen the empathy and perspectives we want to carry into our everyday work.

Second, we have a tight team despite people being located across the country. When you're all dispersed, maintaining connection and the desired culture can be a challenge. So we focused on people's local connections and interests as both a way for individuals to share something personal and important to them and a way for us to spread collective good. Besides just being a good thing to do, this type of individualized sharing as part of a collective effort helps to strengthen our team's culture and connection.

Finally, while it would be great if we could support all causes important to our team members, asking people to select a cause and celebrate their involvement has heightened intention and focus. Ultimately, this purposeful attention has resulted in greater reflection and meaning. So while we enjoy the feeling of goodwill, we also benefit from the greater connection with one another and the communities where we work.

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing the individual charities selected by each team member and why it is important to them. Follow along on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

Happy Giving Season from all of us at Excelerate America!


Roy Lamphier is Founder and CEO of Excelerate America, the fun, smart service for small businesses. Roy's passion for entrepreneurship, tech and helping small enterprises succeed are central to the Excelerate America ethos. How does your business celebrate the Giving Season? Share it with Roy at 

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