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We use Discord to bring members together to chat, give and get help, and attend virtual events.

Where the Collective Connects

What to do in Discord

Once you connect Discord, these 5 steps will help you get the most out of your Collective experience.

Build Your Profile on discord
1. Build your profile
Use #build-profile to select emojis for your business stage, go-to skills, and interests. This unlocks other #channels for networking.

Tip: Think of your profile as a virtual business card. Go to user settings and edit your username to be first & last name. Upload a friendly pic for your avatar.

Introduce yourself on discord
2. Intro yourself & chat
Use #introduce-yourself to say hello! Join conversations happening in chat #channels.

Tip: Send sweet GIFs by clicking on the right.

Attend events on discord
3. Attend events
Interactive events happen in Discord and are a great way to meet members and get inspired.

Tip: Events work best on desk/laptop. Click green Video button on lower left when you enter room.

How to direct message on discord
4. Direct message
After events, direct message (DM) entrepreneurs to keep talking and connecting.

Tip: Click a member's name to start a DM and send a friend request.

Discord Download
5. Download Discord app
You can easily connect to the Collective on-the-go and from anywhere through the Discord app.

Tip: The Discord app is available on both mobile and desktop.

Download Discord

Hop right in to get started

Click below to #start-here, #introduce-yourself, and check out #resources.


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