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Team Weekly Retrospective
Time to Complete: 60 minutes

Take time to reflect on the week with virtual sticky notes! All of our teams use this tool in our weekly retrospective meetings. We can easily think back on what worked and what didn’t, brainstorm ways to improve, and quickly get set for next week. It’s an interactive way to ask for help, offer suggestions, and plan team tasks for the future.

How to use it
  • Budget 60 minutes at the end of the week for a team retrospective meeting.

  • Everyone opens the Figjam and follows the steps together.

  • Allot 10 minutes for Steps 1 & 2 each. Then 10 more minutes to discuss together.

  • Use Step 3 to decide goals for next week.

  • Remember to record ideas for future improvements in Step 4.

  • Have fun with Stamps and stacking sticky notes!

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