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What we offer

Cut costs and run a smarter business

What we offer with ODP Business Solutions

We make it easy to save on the products you need

Say goodbye to excess spending, and hello to 40,000+ like-minded businesses purchasing smarter together. Get negotiated pricing every time you shop at ODP Business Solutions.
  • Actively negotiated pricing
  • Data analytics for spend management
  • Strategies to optimize your savings
  • Comparisons to learn how other members shop
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Solutions to stay on budget

It’s hard to find affordable solutions to your operational needs. That’s why we offer Benefits. Get discounts on the software, programs, and services Collective members love to use.
  • 401K retirement plan
  • Technology purchasing program
  • Business software
  • Crowdfunding services
Resource Cards

Everyone needs a tool kit

Solve those tricky business challenges with tools for marketing, funding, employees, strategy and more.
  • Checklists, templates & tools
  • Easy frameworks & worksheets
  • Collaborative goal setting
  • Calculators to manage financials

Ready to run a smarter business?

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