Our Story

Sometimes the change you seek to make in the world begins with you. That’s how EA got started.

After years of running programs to help small businesses, our founder, Roy, knew it was time to make a change. He’d seen how entrepreneurs craved better support for a quickly changing environment. Traditional systems lacked flexibility, creativity, and connection.

So Roy founded Excelerate America in 2017 because he envisioned a better way forward: Building a small business should be fun and make a community stronger.

Small business owners deserve a system that helps them interact, connect and grow, all while doing good for their employees, customers, and local neighborhoods. With an emphasis on continual learning and hands-on problem solving, and a vision to bring together a legion of game-changers, Roy began to formulate a new way of cultivating successful, happy entrepreneurs.

Leaving the old way behind, he assembled the EA team to revolutionize the small business world.