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Two Entrepreneurs Collaborating for Justice

Dayna Peoples and Lexi Zeidan met teaching 3rd grade at a Detroit charter school. During their time throughout the district, they’d both witnessed a broken, underfunded system failing their vibrant, bright students. “We really wanted to do something about it,” says Peoples. They put their educator heads together and brainstormed side-business ideas that could fuel their mission to empower and uplift these kids and their communities. “We’d been creating a business plan for a very long time, but we just didn’t know what it was going to be,” explains Zeidan.

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2 minutes
Beware These Security Issues While Supporting A Remote Workforce
Cybercriminals are opportunistic by nature, altering their attack methods to compromise endpoints and access critical data. This is never truer than during times of change such as now with the overnight shift to a global remote workforce.
4 minutes
Five Tips For Your Small Business Survival During COVID-19
Working from home is isolating, but social media can be an outlet for the human connection we all crave. Turn quarantine into an opportunity by strengthening your customer relationships. 
5 minutes
Lockdown Means Time to Build
The whole world is experiencing unprecedented upheaval as COVID-19 impacts all aspects of daily life. The small business game, in particular, is enduring major change. There’s still no telling how this will play out and for how long, however, I suspect we are just at the end of the beginning. The big question is how do we, the entrepreneurs and small business owners, respond?
3 minutes
Your 3 Best Bets for Small Business Funding Right Now
There have been a lot of headlines recently about small business financing. And rightfully so.
6 minutes
A Pandemic Pivot Proves Successful
“Consider this a lemonade moment,” someone told me recently. You know … lemonade from the inescapable lemons a coronavirus-fueled world is lobbing our way. “Absolutely,” I replied, feigning optimism. 
5 minutes
Posting Amid a Pandemic
From some, we hear crickets. From others, the volume could be turned down quite a bit. And from a persistent few comes one more cringe-worthy #challenge. 
4 minutes
The Intent Behind Working with Intention
Scattershot. Sometimes the day feels that way. After all, what isn’t on the to-do list of a small business owner? 
4 minutes
The Customer’s Always Right, But Not Always the Right Fit
Sending the call to voice mail. Clenching fists upon seeing the email. Sighing — heavily — walking into the meeting. Some client relationships induce those feelings. We wonder, too, “How did I get into this?” And then we vow to never again find ourselves in a similar situation. 
3 minutes
Creating Space For A Changing Workforce
What does the future of collaboration look like? Is it virtual face-to-face meetings, better technology, more intuitive meeting spaces?
3 minutes
Strategies To Finance Your Business
Whether your business is brand new or has been established for decades, you may be at a point where you need financing in order to grow. Perhaps your established medical practice is ready to add cutting-edge imaging machines. Or your boutique needs to double its inventory of an in-demand handbag to increase profits. Maybe your company is outgrowing its office space, needs to hire more employees, or is considering an acquisition. In any case, growth could be within your grasp—if you can get the right financing.
6 minutes
Tenacity Tales #20: The Non-Profit Helping Survivors of School Violence
It's Tenacity Tales time again, and this month we have the honor of showcasing a non-profit that's providing a service that's increasingly needed and often times forgot about: PTSD for students, teachers, and parents. 
4 minutes
Breaking a Sweat in Business
When you’re a gym owner who’s also a trainer, you’re also chief marketer and human resources boss, you’re bookkeeper and buyer, too. To know a bit about the pipes certainly helps. And, of course, you have to workout. After all, you’re the best advertisement for the business. 
6 minutes
Lessons from a Retail Rebellion
Scanning the headlines you’d be forgiven for grabbing a calculator, especially if you’re a retailer or real estate watcher.
4 minutes
7 Books To Read To Get Inspired Right Now
Today I want to share some good, good reading!In January there are always great lists to get your new year off to a great start- Top Inspirational Movies, workout programs, etc.
3 minutes
Do We Need New Capitalism?
I read a really interesting article a while back. It was an interview with Salesforce founder Marc Benioff.
5 minutes
Tenacity Tales #19: A Familiar Face
Welcome back to Tenacity Tales, friend! This is our favorite feature, (we hope it's one of yours too!) and we're stoked to continue sharing inspiring entrepreneurial journeys in 2020.
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