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Customer Empathy Map
Time to Complete: 30 minutes

This empathy map canvas is a great tool to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customer, their needs and behaviors. Our UX team uses it to build out a more empathetic, human-centered approach to designing our products. We love how it gets you inside your customer’s head quickly and effectively. No more preconceived notions or wrong assumptions. Now you have a tool to create better experiences, services and products for your customers.

How to use it
  • Copy and save or download the map.

  • Follow the 7 steps to build your customer profile.

  • Think of a real person and project yourself into their experience.

  • Use tangible, sensory details: what would they say, need or do?

  • Ask others to review your map and add suggestions, details or context.

  • See the world from your customer's point-of-view!

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Source: https://gamestorming.com/?s=customer+empathy+map