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Mar 24, 2023

What is a Group Purchasing Organization?

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Group Purchasing Organization definition

A group purchasing organization, or GPO, is a buying program in which a group of businesses or organizations come together to buy goods or services from suppliers, usually at a discounted price. The goal of a program like this is to leverage the buying power of multiple organizations to achieve lower prices, better terms, and higher quality products or services.

Why use a group purchasing organization?

The number one reason to join a group purchasing organization is to access better pricing and cut costs on the products and services you need to run your business. GPOs vary depending on the industry they serve, the products and services they source, and the unique needs of their membership. While there are many types of group purchasing organizations, they all pool purchasing to get better vendor pricing and terms.

What is the leading GPO for small businesses?

Excelerate America is the leading group purchasing organization for small and medium-sized businesses. Members of our Collective access the same purchasing power as larger companies.

Together we leverage the combined purchasing power of over 40,000 active members to drive real buying power. We negotiate on our members’ behalf with vendors to secure aggressive pricing and exclusive deals typically reserved for big corporations, so you can save on the products and services you need to better run your business.

What’s the best feature of Excelerate America’s GPO?

One of the main ways we help Collective members save smarter is through our buying program with ODP Business Solutions (the new name for Office Depot’s business division). Through our buying program, GPO members access:

  • Core list pricing on over 1,800 top products and services, including office supplies, furniture, technology products, and printing services
  • Negotiated vendor deals with limited-time specials exclusively designed for our Collective
  • Online and in-store discounts, plus free shipping
  • Data analytics around spend management
Discounts on office supplies, plus more

Beyond ODP Business Solutions, we negotiate with other partners to bring our members discounts on operational tools, tech, software, employee perks, services and more. With over 40,000 members, we run one of the largest group purchasing organizations for businesses like yours, and our Collective saved $21 million (yes, million!) in 2022 by shopping through our buying program.

Thinking about joining our group purchasing program? Learn more about what we offer or sign up for free to start saving smarter for your business.

Want to learn more about how to save money with a GPO?
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