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May 29, 2022

Collective talks: 5 takes on motivation

5 entrepreneurs on motivation hero

What’s the secret sauce to building and maintaining a successful business? Some small business entrepreneurs claim it’s motivation. But when the days (and nights) are long and the to-do list feels endless, what keeps them forging ahead? Here are five Collective members and their unique takes on motivation. 

"Honestly I think it's just a part of me. It's not something I think about."
Sean Egan, Founder and Owner of Eganix

Sean’s internal motivation makes him a born entrepreneur. “Every day I wake up is another day I’m focused on doing my best and growing in all areas of my life,” he shares. Not just in work, but with his personal life and family as well. 

"The whole reason I did this in the first place is for my family."
Joe Sciacchitano, Founder and Owner of Joeshock, LLC

Joe’s main motivation is to support his family and make sure they have a good life. “I think most men are driven by some sense of pride to be able to support their family,” an ideal that he has held since childhood, watching his parents work to support him and his siblings.

“My passion for music and business started when I was in middle school”.
Ana Jaquim, Founder and Owner of Preludio Entertainment

Ana’s passion for the work she does is what keeps her going. “I saw many children from very diverse backgrounds coming to this one place and changing their lives with music.” She watched as these children around her grew up and went in different directions, and saw how music had changed their lives for the better, which gave her the spark to continue doing this work for others.

“I’m a worker - I love to work, and I find great value in it.”
Kelly Dorman, Founder and Owner of LittleGuide Detroit

As a serial entrepreneur, it’s never been an issue for Kerry to feel motivated to work – it’s something that comes naturally to her. This is a skill she wants to be able to pass down to her children, too: “I am very clear with my kids that I love to work, and there's value in that. I was raised like that, and if I can raise them to feel the same, I will find that a success.”

"My kids - and coffee!"
Shadia Amen, Founder and Owner of Shadia Amen Photography

Shadia jumped into photography after a long career in healthcare, looking to finally fulfill her life-long passion. Her family, particularly her children, have been her main source of support and motivation on her journey. And, of course, we can all use a little extra caffeine motivation. “My favorite coffee is the Nutty Caramel from the brand Donut Shop – that gets me through."


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