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Dec 18, 2023

How our buying group saved on office supplies in 2023

2023 Year in Review
Data from 12/1/22-11/30/23

It’s a new year and a great time to look back on 2023 to reflect on how members of Excelerate America’s group purchasing organization (GPO) saved together through our buying programs. It’s been a year of growth as our Collective increased in size to 45k+ businesses and our offerings expanded, adding more smart savings options for our members. ⁠Let’s take a look back at the highlights and celebrate our GPO’s achievements this year.

ODP Business Solutions buying program

As more businesses joined our group purchasing organization, our discounted office supplies buying program grew too. This partnership with ODP Business Solutions and Office Depot OfficeMax keeps getting stronger as our participating numbers increase. Our team will use these numbers to negotiate even more savings and deals on supplies and services for members in the coming year.

⁠Businesses buying discounted office supplies placed a record number of orders in 2023. Many members ordered through their Online Purchasing Account with ODP Business Solutions, while others chose to shop in-store at Office Depot & OfficeMax retail locations with the Store Purchasing Card. Both purchasing options proved to be a smart way to save on office essentials!

⁠Larger businesses with our GPO used their Business Account to take advantage of extra purchasing perks at ODP Business Solutions. They set up multiple purchasers under their account and employed Net 30 invoice billing to conveniently manage payments. Members also requested customized pricing for larger purchases. That’s what we call smart purchasing! 👏

⁠2023 highlight: Even better free shipping!

That’s right, last year we used the collective power of our GPO to negotiate a lower free shipping minimum–from $50 to $20. We also secured a $5.95 flat rate for orders under the new minimum. That’s significantly lower than the standard $9.95 non-members have to pay. 

⁠Our team negotiated these terms on behalf of our members because we understand how shipping costs can cut into your purchasing budget. This is an exclusive rate for businesses participating in Excelerate America’s discounted office supplies buying program with ODP Business Solutions. So pat yourself on the back, and keep bundling those orders to get free shipping! 📦 

Shopping the Core List is the best way to save

We can’t repeat this enough: Members who shop our program’s Core List get the best negotiated pricing and save the most! While 45% is a great start, our GPO would save even more by choosing items off the Core List more frequently. 

⁠⁠What’s on the Core List?

Our purchasing program with ODP Business Solutions brings you negotiated savings on a core list of 1,800+ top-selling items, deeply discounted because they are purchased most often by our members.

Here’s a reminder how to find Core List items:
  1. Go to odpbusiness.com and log in to shop our program pricing.
  2. Search for the items you want to purchase.
  3. Filter by “Best Value” to find discounted items on the Core List.

You can also watch this quick video on how to sort by Best Value to make sure you’re always getting the most for your money. 💸

Top three categories purchased this year

What were the most popular categories for our office supplies buying group in 2023? Following past trends, our members purchased across a wide variety of categories at ODP Business Solutions. But there were a few categories that rose to the top this year, proving everyone needs these essentials to keep their businesses running:

⁠Once again Cleaning & Breakroom came in at #1, and that makes a lot of sense for our GPO. Businesses of all sizes need to keep facilities managed and clean, and breakrooms stocked for employees. Our deeply discounted pricing certainly helped make Ink & Toner #2. This is a category that shines on the Core List with unbeatable pricing. Paper rounded in at #3—no surprise, it’s an essential supply marked down to give you a ton of savings.

Most popular service–for the second year in a row!

Businesses in our GPO order Copy & Print at an increasing rate. That makes smart financial sense when you factor in our significantly discounted rate of 40% off print orders, like black and white copies. While the world has gone digital, businesses still need fliers, paper copies, posters, booklets and more–all easily created through our discounted print services at ODP Business Solutions and Office Depot retail stores. 

Copy & Print discounts and savings
Learn more about how GPO members use print services to save smarter for their businesses by exploring our program spotlight.
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Top industries in our office supplies buying program

Our group purchasing organization is made up of a wide-variety of industries. Last year medical & dental groups, property management companies, and law firms rose to the top in numbers and tapped into our purchasing power. They took advantage of our office supplies buying program with ODP Business Solutions to procure essential products and services at discounted rates. 🏆 

Public sector joined our GPO in 2023

Another exciting achievement for our GPO this year was the expansion into the public sector. We now represent a broader range of purchasing groups which makes us stronger as a whole. We’re also able to cater to each of these industries, ensuring they have affordable access to the unique supplies and services they need. Take a look at who joined Excelerate America in 2023:

🏛️ Government 

🏥 Healthcare

🏫 Higher Education

🖍️ K-12 Education

👐 Nonprofit

Another buying opportunity: Dell computer deals

We’ve partnered with Dell Technologies for over 5 years, and in the process have been able to grow a remarkable technology buying program for our GPO. In 2023 participating members placed 6.5k+ tech orders and saved up to 45% off on exclusive promos. We also hosted a Dell Tech Giveaway for members that totaled $8k for the lucky winners! 💰

⁠Excelerate America members can sign up for exclusive discounts and unbeatable offers on top-tier Dell computers, laptops and more. You get up to 17% off and access to expert Dell Technologies Advisors for personalized guidance on tech solutions for your business. We can’t wait for you to save when you upgrade your IT game in 2024. 🙌

Most popular Dell products members bought in 2023:

New Offering: Discounted FedEx shipping

Our team went to bat for members and negotiated a brand new offering in 2023. Expanding our partnerships allowed us to offer affordable solutions that meet more of our members’ needs. We’re now pleased to offer a discounted shipping program with FedEx! 🎉🎉🎉

⁠Discounted shipping is exactly what our members needed, so we delivered a buying program that’s growing in popularity. Many of our GPO members are already taking advantage of these significant FedEx discounts. When you sign up for free, you can save up to 50% off FedEx shipments, plus you get extras, like free packaging and logistics support. So don’t miss out in 2024 and start saving every time you ship!

Here’s to more savings in 2024!

Excelerate America is excited to bring you more savings and exclusive offerings in the coming year. Our team is committed to negotiating on behalf of GPO members, and we’re always looking for better ways to enhance business purchasing. 

⁠Our forecast for 2024: Anticipated growth within our buying program offerings. As membership grows, so will our buying programs with ODP Business Solutions, FedEx, and Dell Technologies. We promise to keep members updated on the latest deals and discounts, and to offer data-backed purchasing intel and relevant solutions. 

⁠Thanks for being a part of our group purchasing organization! Every member makes us stronger and better because we purchase together. 💪

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