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May 1, 2023

Program spotlight: Copy & Print discounts and savings

Copy & Print discounts and savings

Our group purchasing organization runs a buying program that provides members with discounts and negotiated pricing on the products and services they need. It’s no surprise that Copy & Print is our most popular service. In 2023, Print Services had 11% in Year-Over-Year-Growth. Read on to learn the highlights of how GPO members use Print Services to save smarter for their businesses.

What’s included in Print Services?

GPO members can access Print Services online at ODP Business Solutions or in any Office Depot store. From printing black & white or color copies, to creating marketing materials, presentations & promotions, to customizing company apparel and business cards, this service offers a wide variety of solutions for your business and its brand. It even includes a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly shredding subscription and provides secure, off-site storage for members that need extra space.

Take advantage of Finishing and Advanced Options

For larger complicated print orders, you can even outsource the extra work. When logged into the Print Services platform, create your print project and then select Finishing Options to include stapling, folding, hole punching or any other specific direction to your order. Advanced Options lets you remove pages, add index tabs, customize individual pages, trim edges, and more. 

How much can you save on Copy & Print orders?

The Copy & Print pricing we negotiate for members of our group purchasing organization is deeply discounted. When ordering Print Services online, you can save:

  • Up to 40% off black & white copies

  • Up to 25% off color copies

With online Copy & Print orders, you can also: 

  • Get additional discounts on finishing services

  • Choose same-day in-store pickup, or get orders delivered in 3-5 business days

If you prefer to get a free Store Purchasing Card and shop exclusively in-store, you can still save:

  • Up to 55% off Copy & Print services, including finishing services

Popular print services projects

In 2022, members of our group purchasing organization placed 227,164 Copy & Print orders. That’s a lot of copies! But Print Services extends beyond standard copying. Take a look at the top 5 print projects ordered by members for their businesses last year:

Our GPO prioritizes Copy & Print

Our GPO members are taking advantage of the Copy & Print discounts available through our buying program. Some enjoy the ease of ordering online and picking up same-day in their local Office Depot store. Others prefer to take care of their Copy & Print orders directly in-store. Either way, they access our negotiated pricing that helps cut costs on the printing projects they need to run smarter businesses.   

Because Copy & Print is the most popular feature of our purchasing program, we want to make sure placing orders online is easy and affordable for our members. If you ever have questions or need a run-through, set up a 15 minute call with our Member Service team to learn more. 

You can also watch a quick how-to video on placing online Copy & Print orders.

More discounts & savings with Excelerate America

In addition to Copy & Print savings, our GPO members enjoy significant discounts at Office Depot OfficeMax and ODP Business Solutions. Here are a few of our program highlights:

  • Up to 55% off on office supplies, cleaning & breakroom, tech & more

  • Free shipping on $20+ orders

  • Customized core list pricing on 1,800+ products

  • Net 30 payment terms

  • Concierge service tailored to member needs

  • Analytics around spend management

At Excelerate America, we helped small and medium-sized businesses save over $21 million (yes, million!) in 2022 by shopping through our buying program. Our Collective harnesses the purchasing power of 40,000+ members (that’s a combined $61+ million spend!) to negotiate corporate-sized deals and secure aggressive pricing on the products and services they need.

If you’d like to access our Copy & Print discounts (plus more), you can join our Collective for free.

Learn more about our buying program.

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