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May 15, 2024

Streamlining procurement for property management

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Property management requires efficiency, from overseeing maintenance tasks and ensuring tenant satisfaction to purchasing essential supplies. Procurement often presents challenges for property managers because juggling suppliers and controlling costs to stay on budget can be daunting tasks. That's where Excelerate America steps in. We’re a group purchasing organization (GPO) that manages buying programs with ODP Business SolutionsDell Technologies, and FedEx, and we strive to address the pain points specific to property management groups. Here’s a look at five procurement problems and our tailored solutions to streamline purchasing for property management groups:

1. Controlling Supply Costs

Pain Point: Property management groups face the challenge of controlling costs while maintaining service quality. Inflation in procurement costs for essentials like maintenance supplies and office equipment can strain budgets.

Excelerate America’s Solution: We negotiate favorable pricing and terms with suppliers on behalf of our members, leveraging the collective purchasing power of the group to secure competitive rates on all types of supplies. This enables property management groups to access cost-effective solutions, like special furniture discounts and free shipping, without compromising on quality.

Property Management ODP Business Solutions Discounts

2. Time-Consuming Supplier Management

Pain Point: Property management groups often deal with numerous suppliers for various needs such as maintenance, repairs, and supplies. Managing relationships with multiple vendors can be time-consuming and inefficient.

Excelerate America’s Solution: We streamline supplier management by offering a single point of contact for all procurement needs. Through our GPO, property management groups gain access to a curated network of vetted suppliers offering a variety of products and services. This centralized approach saves time and effort in vendor management.

3. Technology and Software Expenses 

Pain Point: Managing the costs associated with various technology tools and software solutions is a challenge for property management groups striving to stay technologically competitive.

Excelerate America’s Solution: Our GPO works diligently to secure special deals and discounts on technology products and software, specifically through our Dell Technologies buying program. We also provide exclusive discounts on QuickBooks accounting software. These offers ensure access to cutting-edge tools at more affordable rates, enabling our property manager members to thrive in a fast-paced industry.

4. Property Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies

Pain Point: Maintenance and cleaning supplies are essential for property management groups overseeing the upkeep of multiple properties, adding an additional layer of expense.

Excelerate America’s Solution: Through our buying program at ODP Business Solutions, Excelerate America secures cost-effective deals on property maintenance and cleaning supplies. Property management groups can rely on a steady supply of quality products from trusted vendors, facilitating the maintenance of their properties without breaking the bank.

5. Marketing Materials and Tenant Communications

Pain Point: Marketing materials and tenant communications are crucial for property management groups to effectively promote their properties and services, often leading to increased expenses.

Excelerate America’s Solution: Through collaborative negotiations with suppliers, Excelerate America provides cost-effective solutions for marketing materials, promotional items, and copy & print needs. From signage to promotional merchandise, property management groups can enhance their marketing efforts and tenant communications without compromising their budget.

In conclusion, Excelerate America offers solutions to procurement pain points faced by property management groups. Through our buying programs at ODP Business Solutions, Dell Technologies, and FedEx, we leverage collective purchasing power, negotiate better deals, and provide purchasing support to our property management members. Excelerate America helps these professionals focus on efficiently optimizing their success in a rapidly evolving industry. 

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Michelle Keller

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