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Jun 21, 2022

This serial entrepreneur is building a media empire

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Kerry Doman is the founder and owner of LittleGuide Detroit, the largest media resource for families throughout metro Detroit. Launched in 2018, LittleGuide creates content for parents, caregivers, families, and “anyone with kids in their life” so they can be more active and find fun stuff to do on a daily basis. A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Kerry is also the founder and CEO of The Virtual Intern Experience, and previously founded and ran After 5 Detroit, and After 5 Detroit’s Intern Program. She additionally serves on the board of directors for numerous metro Detroit organizations. On top of running a growing media empire, Kerry also manages the demands (and joys) of a growing family. 

⁠⁠Here’s Kerry Doman on how she makes it work:  

On wearing all the hats 
Every day is a challenge. From the foundation of motivating yourself while leading a team and motivating others, to the daily tasks of wearing many hats. ⁠I’ve had to chat with Facebook before because someone had created an impersonator account for LittleGuide Detroit. Trying to fix and work with Facebook and verify our account shouldn’t be that hard, but I have to do that and also make money for our entire company. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s just a constant and daily challenge of “What am I going to get thrown today?”

On her entrepreneurial superpower
I’m great at understanding where I'm not great, and then finding those who are great in those areas. We can’t be great in every aspect of business…and I don’t know every aspect of businesses, but I’m good at recognizing my weaknesses and finding those who have those as strengths, and vice versa. They’re willing to help and I am too.

On her not-so typical, typical day
A lot happens before I even get to the office because I have three kids at home! I enjoy walking my oldest son to school— I’ve taken that on. It’s 20 minutes where I get to listen to a podcast, be in my own head and not be on my phone, and I’ve come to really look forward to that. I’m outside being active, and that’s a joy in my morning.

⁠⁠Then I’m back home…and it’s mom-time [with my other two kids] until our nanny comes. We have an amazing nanny who gives our family life and keeps us in line.

⁠⁠I head to the office, and no two days look the same. I will work on customer service, client outreach, have meetings, and be there all day until 4:30 pm when I head home to be with my kids. The beauty of having a nanny and going to an office is that when I come home, I leave my work aside. That’s something that I’ve learned over time and gotten better at. We have enough team members to put out any fires that come up.

On keeping the momentum going
I do love to work. There are days when it’s harder than others, but I’ve never had trouble being driven to work. There are times I get fatigued, as we all do, but I’m a worker and find great value in work. As a serial entrepreneur in my 20s, I would stay up later and work. Now I’m not working as many hours, but I’m definitely working smarter.

⁠⁠⁠My kids motivate me. I am very clear with them that I love to work and there’s value in that. I was raised like that. If I can raise them to feel the same, I will find that a success.

On her best advice for startups 
Build a community around you so that you can lean on them. Especially when you’re a startup and it’s just you or you and one other person. You have to have a next-level community around you— because someone’s dealt with it or can be a sounding board.

⁠⁠⁠Any business owner will need help at some point. When you build strong relationships that are meaningful, you get to help each other. 


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